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All and any business whether gratuitous or not is transacted by us subject to the current edition of British International Freight Association (BIFA) Standard Trading Conditions,

which limit our liability. Minster Worldwide Logistics Ltd © 2015 all rights reserved.  Registered in England & Wales: Company Number 6696007

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Trade References

Please supply the details of two unconnected companies who we may contact for a trade reference.  

In consideration of Minster Worldwide Logistics Limited ( hereinafter referred to as 'The Company') granting credit to the Customer, the Customer affirms and agrees as follows:

1. The Customer confirms that the information provided in the above application is complete accurate and true in every respect.

2. The Customer confirms that credit is offered subject to the customer's acceptance of the BIFA Standard Terms and Conditions and that all and any business whether gratuitous or not is transacted by us subject to the current edition which limit our liability. A copy of these conditions will be supplied on request or can be downloaded at www.minsterworldwide.co.uk or www.bifa.org.

3. The Customer hereby gives his written consent to the Company to obtain a credit report concerning him from any credit reporting agency, and further to make such inquiries and to receive and give such information as is relevant to establish the Customer's credit standing.

4. In the event that credit is granted, the Customer agrees that all invoices from The Company will be paid no later than the thirtieth day after which the invoices are dated and furthermore agrees that invoices relating to large or heavy shipments may be payable on whatever terms The Company stipulates at the time that The Company's services are engaged by the Customer.

5. The Customer agrees that in the event of default of payment, in payment beyond the date when the invoice becomes payable under the agreed terms of credit the customers right to credit The Company reserves the right to immediately withdraw all credit rendering all invoices immediately payable. In such an instance the Customer further agrees to pay all costs incidental to the collection of the account of the Customer.  

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